Current Families

Resources to help you have the best year ever

There’s so much more to The Boys School of Denver than amazing academics! Students and families are encouraged to get involved in sports teams, volunteering, after-school enrichment courses, clubs, student council, and parents council. When students or their families need support, we can provide counseling, scholarships for gear or sports, parent education opportunities, and more. We hope that all our families get a personalized, and optimized, Boys School experience.

Enrich Your Boys School Experience

Learning doesn’t have to stop in the classroom! The Boys School of Denver offers a number of after-school activities to help you learn a new skill, master an instrument, join a debate team, and much more.

Get Involved

Being a Boys School of Denver parent means having the opportunity to take an active role in your child’s school experience. There are various ways to get involved, from joining Parent Council to volunteering.

Additional Support

We know that sometimes life gets overwhelming, and we’re here to help. The Boys School offers tutoring to get you back on track academically, as well as comprehensive counseling services for the times you need a little extra support.